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Flood Risk Assessment Northern Ireland

O’Sullivan Macfarlane regularly undertake various types of Flood Risk Assessment in Northern Ireland for a range of hydrological settings. We have successfully assessed a wide range of Flood Risk Assessment Northern Ireland, to include: –

  • Developments in or near river floodplains;
  • Developments in close proximity to reservoirs or dams;
  • Developments at risk of costal flooding; and
  • Developments at risk of surface water flooding (Drainage Assessments).

Flood Risk Assessments are now commonplace, and are often required by the Planning Service for a large number of planning applications, with the final Flood Risk Assessment requiring River Agency’s approval (in line with Revised Planning Policy 15 – Planning and Flood Risk), before the development can proceed. Our staff at O’Sullivan Macfarlane have successfully worked on Flood Risk Assessments for a range of developments types, including:-

  • Single dwellings;
  • Large scale housing projects;
  • Hydro-electric schemes;
  • Commercial / industrial developments; and
  • Commercial sports grounds.

Modelling for Flood Risk Assessments

Should modelling be required as part of a Flood Risk Assessment, this work is carried out in-house using Rivers Agency recognised software, and modelling techniques which represent industrial best practice.

Our staff have extensive experience in modelling a range of scenarios and hydrological settings, including culverts, bridges, weirs and engineered watercourses. Over the past number of years, our staff have built up a good working relationship with the Rivers Agency, and continue to use industry recognised best practice for water course modelling.

With a combined experience of over 20 years in the environmental sector, drawing on expericance from both the private sector and the Northern Ireland Evironment Agency (NIEA), we have a significant expertise in the fields of Flood Risk Assessment and brownfield redevelopments.

All works are undertaken on a strictly confidential basis. If you would like any further information on our Flood Risk Assessment services, please do not hesitate to contact us.