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Environmental Consultants Belfast Northern Ireland
Contaminated Land, Flood Risk & Waste Management Environmental Consultants
Environmental Consultants Belfast
Contaminated Land Assessment & Waste Management Specialists

Who we are

We are leading environmental consultants, based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, combining consulting and regulatory expertise to produce accurate, science-based results for clients of all scales and requirements.

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To discuss your project with one of our expert environmental consultants (Belfast), or for more information, get in touch – phone or email us today.

Why Choose O'Sullivan Macfarlane

Expert Environmental Consultants Belfast

All projects taken on by OSM are led by Company Directors and leading environmental consultants (Belfast), Micheál O’Sullivan and Frank Macfarlane. Together they bring both industry and regulatory experience within contaminated land assessmentflood risk assessment (including Drainage Assessments) and waste management to the OSM Team. This expertise is key in the heavily regulated industry of environmental consulting, as it means we can successfully navigate the system from start to finish more efficiently than their competitors.


Our Environmental Consulting Experience

The OSM team have over 20 years combined experience of environmental consulting in both the private sector and within the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA). From this, we have come to focus on contaminated land, flood risk assessment, drainage assessment and waste management.

We choose to keep our consulting technologies in-house so we can use our own technical expertise without depending on third party contractors.

OSM’s Environmental Consultants Belfast office allows us to work with clients across Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and mainland UK. Our client base includes private individuals, developers, planning consultants, architects, contractors, housing associations, local councils and waste operators.

OSM takes a director-led approach, meaning that senior staff members remain directly available to clients and fully transparent throughout the progression of work. We develop practical, cost effective and sustainable solutions in all areas of waste management and contaminated land – contact us for more information.

Environmental Consultants Professional Membership

Our team of environmental consultants are members of the Institute of Environmental Science (IES) and the Chartered Institute of Wastes Management (CIWM). Aside from our extensive experience, we continually engage with research and evolving professional practices to ensure our skills at the top of the industry.

Our innovative, director-led team environmental consultants Belfast team tailor environmental solutions to meet your needs and effectively navigate the regulatory requirements on your behalf. If you would like to discuss projects in contaminated landflood risk assessmentwaste management or environmental consultancy with one of our environmental consultants, contact us today.

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