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Private Groundwater Supply

Private Water Supplies become attractive investments after NI water supply’s near “Network Failure”

As Spelga Dam dipped more than 3 metres last week due to pressures caused by Northern Ireland’s sunniest Spring on record coupled with a 15% increase in demand for water, enquiries about sourcing private water supplies rise as businesses battle to stay open during Coronavirus.

Homes, farms and businesses across Northern Ireland are considering the benefits of their own supply of local water from the installation of wells and boreholes. These private sources tap into the earth’s natural store of water beneath the ground, which is replenished by rainfall over the year.

Investing in the creation of a private water supply can significantly reduce water bills for businesses heavily reliant on water for production, such as farms, factories and food processors, but also can protect such enterprises during periods of government restriction of water use, low water pressure and lost supply.

These boreholes and wells are highly complex and require high quality, specialist design and thorough construction in order to provide fresh water for years to come.

However, private water supplies are not a ‘one size fits all’ solution – varying conditions across Northern Ireland mean that some areas are better suited than others due to ground conditions and some areas have a low potential for getting any useful volume of water at all.

On top of this, there is the issue of regulation. For example, wells and boreholes obtaining less than ten thousand litres per day require no official permission, but for any amount of water above this NIEA requires an abstraction license to be obtained, which can be time-consuming and complicated.

O’Sullivan Macfarlane Environmental Consulting’s hydrogeology team have over 20 years of experience in water supply viability assessments and have provided their expertise in the design of numerous private water supply projects. Peter McConvey, Senior Hydrogeologist at O’Sullivan Macfarlane, is available for assessments and site visits to ensure the successful implementation of your private water supply. The team also have extensive knowledge in how to navigate NIEA regulations and ensure ease of project completion.

If you are considering installing a borehole, spring or well on your property or business, contact O’Sullivan Macfarlane for an initial discussion on how we can meet and exceed your requirements today.

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