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Flood Risk Assessment Enniskillen OSM Environmental Consulting

Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) Within Rivers Agency River Floodplain (Enniskillen)


OSM Environmental Consulting have recently completed a Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) for a proposed development site located within a DfI Rivers Agency defined fluvial floodplain. The proposed development was for outdoor amenity space / open recreation space for a Scouts group in Enniskillen. The proposed development site is located adjacent to a small river, with the site covering an area of grassed / scrubland.

In order to achieve a successful outcome for the planning application, we advised the client (and their planner / architect) on how the site met the Exceptions Test outlined in PPS 15, and subsequently undertook a desktop Flood Risk Assessment for the site. The Flood Risk Assessment considered the extents of flooding during a Q100 fluvial flood event and mapped how rising flood waters would enter the site. This allowed for the mapping of suitable escape paths for users of the site during a potential flood.

In addition to the above works, the Flood Risk Assessment detailed measures which should be undertaken within the site to ensure that in the event of flooding, evacuation of the site could be safely undertaken. In line with PPS 15, a review of the proposed infrastructure at the site was undertaken to ensure that suitable construction materials are selected to prevent flood damage within the site.


Following assessment of the site, council planners have accepted that the proposed development site meets the criteria to be issued an Exception from PPS 15 FLD1, and therefore is suitable for development subject to suitable assessment of flood risk.  

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