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Successful Noise Impact Assessment in Portadown

Noise Impact Assessment for Proposed Residential Development in Portadown

OSM Environmental Consulting have recently completed a Noise Impact Assessment for a proposed residential development in Portadown. The development is an apartment block located beside several commercial premises, including numerous takeaway businesses, causing Environmental Health to state concerns that noise from these premises could negatively impact the future apartment residents.


In line with legislation BS4142:2014, OSM’s Noise Impact Assessment examined the existing noise conditions in the area and determined their potential impact upon the proposed residential properties and its external terrace amenity area. The Noise Impact Assessment was supported by an in-person noise survey of baseline conditions, conducted by OSM Environmental Scientist, Leanne Leonard. This allowed the specific noise concerns flagged by Environmental Health to be fairly assessed based on how much they exceed the background sound level.


In order to achieve a successful outcome for the planning application, we advised our client (as well as their planners and architects) on how to reduce the negative aspects of the external noise environment at their site, as pinpointed by our noise survey. Our Noise Impact Assessment the recommended measures which should be undertaken within the site to ensure that future occupants would not be unduly affected by noise.


As the noise originated from a number of third parties, reducing these issues at their source was not possible. In line with BS8233:2014, a number of noise control measures such as appropriate acoustic glazing was recommended to ensure the ideal internal noise environment for future residents, while a glass balustrade tailored to the external terrace area will ensure the future occupants can enjoy this key feature of the property without being adversely impacted by noise. We also recommended that any alternative means of ventilation, such as trickle vents, should have inlet pipes fitted with appropriate silencers to stop any weakness being created in the building façade, which could let in unacceptable levels of external noise.



Following a review of the Noise Impact Assessment, Environmental Health have accepted our assessment and agree that with the inclusion of mitigation measures recommended by OSM, this site is suitable for residential development.

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