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Researchers Produce Guide to Lessen Home Flood Risk Impact

A PhD student and OBE recipient have created a guide advising homeowners on how to lessen the impact of flooding on their properties as part of the Know Your Risk Campaign.


The guide has been extensively researched by co-authors Mary Dhonau OBE and Carly Rose PhD in conjunction with Flood RE and Landmark Information Group to give practical steps to minimise damage to properties affected by floods.

The Department of Infrastructure has produced official guidance detailing flood resilience methods in Annex E of PPS 15, however Dhonau and Rose have made the information more accessible to homeowners in their guide.


Some may presume the demand for such a flood risk guide is caused by rising housing demands leading to development in areas at risk of flood. However, Dhonau and Rose have found that the majority of flood insurance claims are for ‘surface water flooding where there is no obvious water to alert a homeowner to the potential risk’.


Such cases of surface water flood risk are caused when drainage systems (especially those in highly urban areas) are overwhelmed in periods of heavy rainfall. As the water flows overland, it meets impermeable ground such as concrete and cannot be absorbed back into the earth. This causes large pools of water which unfortunately often flowing into people’s homes with destructive consequences.


Senior Environmental Consultant and OSM Director, Micheál O’Sullivan, said, “Unfortunately, climate change and increased urbanisation has shown how outdated drainage systems are in certain areas, causing hurdles for future development.

“Our work as Environmental consultants with regard to flood risk and drainage is prevention rather than cure.  By assessing sites and implementing drainage solutions, we can ensure new developments are impacted as little as possible by flood and drainage issues.”


Over their years in business, OSM have conducted hundreds of Flood Risk Assessments (FRA) and Drainage Assessments across Northern Ireland in prospective developments. This means any development on the assessed site has been minimised to Flood Risk and Drainage issues, as well as ensuring any development not worsen the risk of flood or drainage issues to its surrounding area.


To ensure your development is not unnecessarily impacted by Flood or Drainage issues, contact the team at OSM Environmental Consulting today.

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