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Successful Flood Risk Assessment Fintona, Northern Ireland

Proactive Flood Risk Assessment Fintona, Northern Ireland

Flood Risk Assessment Fintona – OSM Environmental Consulting have recently completed a Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) for a proposed residential development located in Fintona, Omagh. In order to assess the flood risk to a site located close to a floodplain or river, a flood risk assessment is vital to identify potential hazards for the site and assess the potential risk to human health, infrastructure and the environment.


The site is located adjacent to two watercourses, with the Quiggery Water river present along the site boundary and another small unnamed watercourse dissecting a portion of the site.


DfI Rivers, the body responsible for examining Flood Risk Assessments in Northern Ireland, have completed detailed flood risk models for areas that are determined to be of significant flood risk. This was the case for the Quiggery Water, for which DfI Rivers presented detailed hazard data (flood depths and velocity of flood waters).


The smaller unnamed watercourse was modelled for flood risk by DfI Rivers strategically (a broad scale model produced for the region). Therefore, as part of their flood risk assessment of the unnamed watercourse, OSM Environmental Consulting undertook a topographic survey and subsequent modelling of the smaller watercourse.


OSM Environmental Consulting determined that the floodplain marginally encroached within the site boundary. In line with Flood Risk regulation FLD1, no development is to take place within this designated Q100 floodplain, as this would put any future development on the site at risk of flooding.


However, as OSM take a pro-development approach whilst working closely in line with Flood Risk regulations, in order to achieve a successful outcome for the planning application we advised the client’s architect which area within the site was suitable for development prior to the design stage.


As OSM undertook this flood risk assessment at the early stages of the design process, this pre-empted a redesign of the site layout, which allowed the proposed site to go ahead.

OSM Environmental Consulting also recommended detailed mitigation measures to ensure the proposed site is not at an unacceptable level of risk from fluvial or surface level flooding.


If you are in need of a Flood Risk Assessment or Drainage Assessment in Northern Ireland, get in contact with a member of the OSM Team today.

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