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Successful Multi-Service Assessment for New Retail Unit

OSM Environmental Consulting have conducted a successful multi-service Environmental Assessment on a site in Carrickfergus, Country Antrim.

Currently undeveloped brownfield land, the site is located within an industrial park on the grounds of former Courtaulds textile factory and has a proposed end use of a newly built retail unit open to the public. Once completed, this will provide local jobs and a much-needed investment into the community following Coronavirus.

The client appointed OSM Environmental Consulting after the team conducted a number of previous successful assessments for them on other sites located in NI.

The former use of this site provides grounds for a contaminated land assessment. Fortunately, as OSM had previously assessed another portion of this site for a large residential development, the team were able to contribute this previous experience for a fuller picture of this site’s unique makeup.

Although the site had aspects requiring a multi-service assessment, OSM’s knowledge of the site and range of in-house expertise allowed the team to complete their assessment within six weeks of appointment. The process required a Phase 1 (PRA) and Phase 2 (GQRA) Contaminated Land Assessment (with detailed intrusive site investigation). OSM’s fully in-house equipment allowed the site investigation phase to progress quickly.

The OSM team also conducted a Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) and a Drainage Assessment (DA) on the site, utilising our team’s broad range of in-house expertise.

From our findings, OSM was able to recommend a suitable Remediation Strategy, allowing the site to move onto the next stage of planning permission.

If you require a Contaminated Land Assessment, Flood Risk Assessment or Drainage Assessment, get in touch with the team at OSM here.

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