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Contaminated Land Assessment Northern Ireland (NI)

Based in Belfast, our Contaminated Land team consists of Environmental consultants who specialise in investigating sites aross NI, UK and ROI to identify any pollutants that are potentially damaging to the environment or human health. A Contaminated Land Assessment Northern Ireland is normally required for sites within, or adjacent to, lands which have had previous high-risk activities associated with them. In undertaking a Contaminated Land Assessment, an Environmental Consultant should assess risks using scientifically proven and governmentally recognised methods to make your development safe and crucially, allowed to continue.

Our team at OSM (headed by Director, Senior Environmental Consultant and Contaminated Land Expert, Frank Macfarlane) have over 30 years of experience in contaminated land assessments across Belfast, Northern Ireland, the UK and Ireland, guiding projects from start to finish for clients of all scales. We take pride in our work, personally carrying out every stage of Contaminated Land Assessments to ensure the most accurate results. We take a pro-development approach, finding cost and time effective solutions to ensure your site is risk assessed for contaminated land in line with UK guidelines (Currently Land Contamination: Risk Management – LCRM and forthcoming updates).

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Contaminated Land Assessment Northern Ireland, UK & ROI Services include

• Environmental Due-Diligence Assessments
• Phase 1 Preliminary Risk Assessments (PRA)
• Intrusive Site Assessments
• Phase 2 Generic Quantitative Risk Assessments (GQRA)
• Phase 3 Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessments (DQRA)
• Ground Gas Risk Assessments
• Remedial Options Appraisals
• Remediation Strategies and Remedial Supervision
• Validation / Verification Supervision and Reporting
• Foundation Works Risk Assessment / Piling Risk Assessment
• Waste Classification Assessments

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What is Contaminated Land Assessment?

In Northern Ireland, Contaminated Land Assessments are subject to guidelines set by local authorities as well as by the UK Government. Under these guidelines, land is considered contaminated if it has the potential to cause ‘significant harm to people, property or protected species’ or pollute local water. For many sites, it is a legal requirement to carry out a Contaminated Land Assessment to ensure any risks to the environment or human health are identified and effectively dealt with.

When conducting a Contaminated Land Assessment, our Belfast-based contaminated land team travel across Northern Ireland, the UK and ROI are fully compliant with current government guidelines CLR11, independently evaluating your site through four key phases:

Phase 1 – Preliminary Risk Assessment (PRA)

This stage combines in-office research conducted from our Environmental Consultancy in Belfast (Mallusk Enterprise Park), Northern Ireland, as well as in person visits and site conceptual modelling to assess if your site has potential for contaminated land.

Phase 2 – Intrusive Investigation (GQRA)

If our team find unacceptable risks to the environment or human health in Phase 1, we will carry out an Intrusive Investigation by drilling boreholes or excavating trial pots to sample soil, ground gas and groundwater to determine if there is risk to people or the environment. All of these investigations are carried out in house by our team of experienced environmental consultants, ensuring only the most accurate results from day one. This will  help guard against inaccurate data incurring extra costs down the line and circumventing unnecessary red tape.

Phase 3 – Remediation

From Phases 1 and 2, our Contaminated Land Team (Belfast based, Mallusk Entrerpise Park) will develop a Remediation Strategy stating what action is needed and recommending best practices to clean up your site. This plan should be approved by the NIEA before going ahead.

Phase 4 – Validation

Finally, OSM Environmental Consultants will check in with you to verify the Remediation Strategy has been successfully implemented. We will then provide a Remedial Validation Report to the NIEA, allowing your site to be successfully developed.


OSM Environmental Consultants are experts in Contaminated Land Assessment Northern Ireland and further afield and have assessed hundreds of sites across Belfast, Northern Ireland, the UK and the Republic of Ireland. We take a pro-development approach and use our extensive experience to ensure your site is fully compliant with all government regulations and can proceed with minimal delay and effort on your behalf. If you require a Contaminated Land Assessment, get in touch with our team today.