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Hydrogeological Risk Assessment – Northern Ireland (NI)

OSM Environmental Consulting specialise in Hydrogeological Risk Assessment for a range of developments across Northern Ireland, the UK and the Republic of Ireland, using our in-house team of experienced scientists, fully equipped with industry-leading equipment and led by ex-GSNI hydrogeologist, Peter McConvey.

We provide all aspects of groundwater assessment to our clients across Northern Ireland, the UK and the Republic of Ireland, with all Hydrogeological Risk Assessments carried out in line with relevant government (NIEA) and GSNI guidance (Water Framework Directive) and industry best practice. By providing in-house hydrogeological services such as shallow chilling, water sampling, water level monitoring and risk modelling, we ensure the most accurate results and minimise delay in completion of assessments.

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Peter McConvey – Lead Hydrogeologist

Peter McConvey is Geology graduate of Queens University with a MSc in Hydrogeology from Birmingham University. Peter has over 28 years’ industry experience, initially working at the UK Environment Agency, where he was involved with in implementing the Water Framework Directive in Northern Ireland. This was followed by 9 years at the Geological Survey of Northern Ireland, at which he was Team Leader for Environment and Hazards, working closely with NIEA to create both the Groundwater Vulnerability Classification and Aquifer Classification for Northern Ireland – both tools used by Hydrogeologists in Northern Ireland to this day. Peter has also guest-lectured in Environmental Engineering at Queen’s University Belfast.

After 16 years in the public sector, Peter moved into commercial Environmental Consulting, working as a Senior Hydrogeologist for over a decade before joining our team in 2019. At OSM, Peter deals with all things hydrogeology, including water supply, boreholes, land quality and environmental impact assessment for a wide range of sites including quarries and landfill.

Hydrogeology Assessment Services include:

Hydrogeology / Groundwater

  • Borehole Design and Installation Supervision
  • Borehole Decommissioning
  • Borehole Inspections
  • Water Supply Assessments
  • Water Abstraction Licence Applications and Hydrogeological Reports
  • Bottled Waters Source Assessments
  • Borehole Water Safety Plans
  • Hydrogeological Impact Assessments
  • Water Sampling
  • Cemetery Phase 1 and Phase 2 Hydrogeological Risk Assessments
  • Ecological Site Hydrology/Hydrogeology Assessments
  • Soils and Water Reports for ES and EIA reporting

Minerals Industry

  • New Quarry Soils and Water Assessments
  • Quarry Extension Assessments
  • Quarry Hydrogeological Risk Assessment

Environmental Permitting 

  • Site Condition Reports
  • Site Assessment for Permit Surrender
  • Soil, water and gas monitoring
  • Baseline Assessments
  • Monitoring Data Review
  • Permit Reviews/updates
  • Hydrogeological Risk Assessments

Land Condition Reports

  • Due Diligence Assessment for legal/financial

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What is a Hydrogeological Risk Assessment?

Understanding how water interacts on the earth’s surface and below-surface environment (groundwater) is key to designing innovative and cost-effective methods to manage any potential impact from development at your site.

Hydrogeological Risk Assessments (HRA) assess the pathways and rate of groundwater flow at your site, as well as the level of current and potential contaminants it may encounter beneath the earth’s surface. In a Hydrogeological Risk Assessment, OSM’s Hydrogeological team use industry-leading computer modelling techniques to assess these risks, allowing for effective decision making and successful project outcomes without excessive cost.

This detailed review of the geology and hydrogeology of your site allows our expert team to recommend a program that lessens or avoids unacceptable impact to the surrounding environment, a key factor when securing regulatory approval.

When completing a Hydrogeological Risk Assessment, we may also use ‘field methods’, such as:

  • Borehole Investigation (including coring and window sampling)
  • 2D or 3D mapping of surface features
  • Aquifer tests using pumping or slug tests
  • Laboratory analysis of cores
  • Deployment if loggers for high frequency water level / chemistry logging
  • Collecting soil and groundwater samples for analysis for subsurface chemistry

The Hydrogeological Team at OSM Environmental Consulting have unparalleled expertise in the field of Hydrogeological Risk Assessment, with over 50 years combined experience from both the private sector and the Northern Ireland Environment Agency. Our work spans the UK and Ireland, provided by Belfast-based specialists, who are members of the Institute of Environmental Science (IES) and the Chartered Institute of Waste Management (CIWM). To discuss Hydrogeological Risk Assessment of your site, contact us today.