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Waste Management – Northern Ireland (NI)

Waste Management is a highly complex industry, both in terms of each site’s unique needs and the resulting legislative requirements for waste disposal or recycling.  Building on knowledge our Director, Micheál O’Sullivan, has gained from working both as a regulator within the NIEA Waste Management Team and in private waste management consulting, OSM Environmental Consultants are readily equipped to provide expert consultation in a wide range of waste management projects.

At OSM, we provide an expert consulting service in a comprehensive range of Waste Management services. Our positive working relationships with NIEA and Local Councils allow us to cleanly and quickly navigate the legislative system on your behalf, allowing you to safely manage and dispose of site waste as efficiently as possible. To discuss your site’s waste management needs, contact a member of our Waste Management Team here.

Waste Management services include:

Landfill Sites

• Engineering Design
• Landfill Planning Applications
• PPC Permit Applications (IED applications)
• Financial Provision
• Associated Risk Assessments (HRA and Slope Stability etc.)
• CQA Plans and Reports
• Monitoring as above
• Associated investigations where issues arise (Hydrogeological, Gas, soil, etc.)
• Permit Variations
• Site Closure / Surrender Applications
• PRTR returns

Waste Management

• WML Applications
• WML Exemptions (simple and complex)
• PPC Permit Applications
• Mobile Plant Licence
• Financial Provision (if required)
• Associated Risk Assessments
• CQA Plans and Reports
• Environmental Monitoring
• Permit Variations
• Planning Applications
• Site Closure Applications
• Development of Composting / AD plants (including Animal By-products wastes)

For expert consultation on any of the above Waste Management services, contact a member of our Waste Management team today.