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O’Sullivan Macfarlane environmental consultancy offers advice and consulting services to clients throughout Northern Ireland, the UK and the Republic of Ireland.  With a range of specialist skills across the environmental sector, our consultants understands what your company needs and will tailor solutions to meet these needs. Our team has combined skills from both regulatory and private sector backgrounds – we will collaborate and work together for the right solution.

Environmental Consultancy Services Include;

• Contaminated land risk assessment (PRA, GQRA and DQRA)
• Flood Risk Assessment
• Drainage Assessment
• Environmental Monitoring
• Air quality monitoring
• Waste Management
• Ad Hoc Sampling
• Site investigation works
• Soil / Waste classification (WM3)
• Water Quality Monitoring
• Landfill site development
• Recycling facilities development
• Achieving End of Waste – WRAP protocol compliance
• Borehole installation
• End of life vehicle ATF
• Discharge consents