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Noise Assessment Northern Ireland

O’Sullivan Macfarlane Environmental Consulting specialise in a range of Noise Assessment for greenfield and brownfield sites across Northern Ireland. Our fully equipped in-house team of locally based noise assessment specialists can provide all aspects of assessment, both for existing and proposed sources of noise, to clients in Northern Ireland, UK and Republic of Ireland.

All Noise Assessments are carried out in line with Council Environmental Health standards, including BS8233:2014 Guidance on Sound Insulation and Noise Reduction for Buildings, BS4142:2014 Method for Rating and Assessing Industrial and Commercial Sound, ProPG: Planning and Noise (May 2017) and World Health Organisation (WHO) Guidelines for Community Noise 1999.

Environmental noise is a growing concern, particularly in urban areas, that can pose a significant impact on the health and quality of life of people living in the community. Noise impact assessments are often required by Local Authorities to ensure that proposed developments do not affect existing residents.

The consideration of noise is a key aspect of the planning process to ensure sustainable development. The adverse effects of noise exposure include annoyance, speech intelligibility, hearing impairment and sleep disturbance. We offer a practical approach to the assessment, management and mitigation of noise.

Noise Impact Assessment / Noise Assessment NI works include;

• Qualitative and Quantitative Noise Sampling;
• Residential Noise Surveys;
• Construction Noise Surveys;
• Building and Room Acoustics;
• Industrial Noise Surveys;
• Noise Impact Assessment;
• Turbine Noise Surveys;
• Environmental Noise Surveys.

The accurate collection of raw data is an imperative part of a noise assessment as the results will form the basis of the acoustic design. There are several factors with  the potential to negatively influence the results of data collection. For this reason, all noise surveys are manned by an Environmental Engineer from O’Sullivan Macfarlane Environmental Consulting in order to provide greater insight into the typical noise climate at the assessment site.

With a combined experience of over 20 years working on a range assessments for planning applications, and drawing on experience from both the private sector and the Northern Ireland Environment Agency, our staff are uniquely placed to ensure all works are completed to the highest standards.

All our work is provided in-house using locally based Northern Ireland specialists. Our staff are members of the Institute of Environmental Science (IES) and the Chartered Institute of Waste Management (CIWM).

Background to Noise Assessment in Northern Ireland / Noise Impact Assessments

The requirement for a noise assessment and report arises in two common scenarios: i) The proposed development may itself be noise sensitive e.g. a residential development which could be affected by existing noise sources e.g. industry, commercial premises, fixed mechanical plant, road traffic, railway or industrial site; or ii) The proposed development will likely create noise which may affect existing nearby noise sensitive receptors e.g. a new industrial use near existing residential development, a kitchen extract serving a new restaurant, or new transport infrastructure

The purpose of the noise impact assessment is to determine whether or not the proposed development is likely to be adversely affected by noise, or whether it may cause noise which would adversely affect existing development. This will inform the decision making process for proposed development. If a noise impact assessment highlights noise as an issue, mitigation will be considered. It is usually possible to mitigate the predicted impact and where the mitigation is demonstrated to be sufficient, concerns regarding noise should be alleviated.

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