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Flood Risk Assessment NI – Richhill, Armagh

Flood Risk Assessment Armagh (Richhill)

We have recently successfully undertaken a Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) for a new housing development (single dwelling) in Richhill, Armagh. The proposed development site is located adjacent to a small river, with the site covering an area of approximately 0.3ha. In addition to the small stream adjacent the site, 2 No. masonry road bridges were adjacent the site. As is required by Rivers Agency Planning Response Team, these features also needed to be considered within the Flood Risk Assessment.

The Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) reviewed the potential risks to the site from the adjacent watercourse under a range of scenarios, including the effects of climate change, the existing bridges, vegetation cover around the site and the proposed development plan.


Northern Ireland Rivers Agency have approved the Flood Risk Assessment for the site, and are content with the findings of the report, allowing the site to be granted planning permission as the adjacent watercourse does not put the proposed development at an unacceptable level of risk.

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