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Happy Earth Day 2021 From OSM Environmental Consulting

OSM Celebrates Earth Day 2021

Today, OSM Environmental Consulting are joining with people around the world to celebrate Earth Day 2021.

The yearly event is largest annual secular event in the world, with over one billion people taking time to demonstrate their support for environmental protection.

OSM Environmental Consulting is proud to be part of this important event, as preserving the environment is quite literally in our name and a mission we centre our company around.


Earth Day aims to highlight the importance of clean air and water and promote a healthy, sustainable habitat for people and wildlife alike.

This is part of our team of expert Environmental Consultants’ nine to five, as we work alongside prospective developers to ensure their projects meet legislative and governmental goals for the environment.


Often, environmental or sustainable goals can be seen as hindering economical development. However, at OSM we take a pro-development approach that is sympathetic to the environment. This ensures that any developments we consult on are resilient to environmental change.

From Director and Senior Environmental Consultant, Micheál O’Sullivan’s previous work within the NIEA (Northern Ireland’s Environmental governing body), he has gained first-hand experience of navigating the sometimes complex environmental regulations.

Micheál commented: “The NIEA has rightly placed requirements to ensure developments are sustainable and do not damage their surrounding environment, however these can be cumbersome to navigate. At OSM, we pride ourselves on being able to effectively provide solutions that satisfy developers and regulators alike.”


Not only does Earth day aim to protect nature, but also the people within our world. Among all of services, growing demand for OSM’s Noise Impact Assessments show this aspect of Environmental Protection is important now more than ever.

For example, OSM Environmental Consultant Leanne Leonard has successfully completed a Noise Impact Assessment in Portadown. From her assessment, she was able to recommend simple adjustments to ensure the noise landscape in the development was suitable for its future tenants.


OSM has also worked alongside governmental bodies to ensure their own developments are as environmentally suitable as possible, as seen in public developments like the upcoming Derry/Londonderry to Donegal Greenway or in our work assessing reservoirs across Northern Ireland.


OSM Environmental Consulting would like to wish you all a very happy Earth Day 2021. If you require assessment ensuring your development is up to all standards including environmental, get in touch with our team today or view our full list of services on our website.

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