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British Enkalon Factory, Antrim, Co. Antrim. C.1959 PRONI Ref: D4069/1/6

Redeveloping Dutch Princess Opened Factory Site in Antrim

Contaminated Land Antrim

Contaminated Land Antrim- This January – March 2021, OSM undertook a Contaminated Land Assessment on a proposed commercial development site located within the grounds of the former British Enkalon Site in Antrim.


British Enkalon was a subsidiary of a Dutch owned company, who at the time of the Antrim site opening, had 36 factories in eight countries. The Antrim site was officially opened by the then Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands on 3 September 1963, after the factory was constructed at a cost of £6m (approximately £128.5m in today’s money). The plant hired over 700 workers in the production and spinning of nylon yarn.


The site was closed in 1982 and has since been redeveloped for commercial use, as it now houses Enkalon Industrial Estate, which houses over 40 businesses.

On behalf our client, we examined an undeveloped slice of this site with the intention of developing it for further industrial premises.


As the site had the potential to contain waste from its previous industrial occupants, a Contaminated Land Assessment was required by local planning authorities. Therefore, our team of Contaminated Land Assessment specialists, headed by Director Frank MacFarlane, completed the following;

  • Phase 1 Preliminary Risk Assessment (PRA)
  • Detailed intrusive site investigation including the drilling of boreholes with soil, shallow groundwater and ground gas sampling and analysis
  • Phase 2 Generic Quantitative Risk Assessment (GQRA)


Fortunately, we were able to quickly ascertain the site was free of contamination, allowing our client to proceed swiftly through the planning process and ensure the succeeding development is safe for future use.

If you require a contaminated land assessment, contact a member of our team today.


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